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One Person's Journey

Myron Collier was the Chief Pilot for Cyclops for 34 years. He was also the Designated Pilot Examiner for the Federal Aviation Administration for 50 years.


During his career from solo to DPE retirement, Myron filled seven pilot logbooks and logged over 33,000 hours. 


This is one story that begins with the Christmas gift of a wooden model airplane, leading to an amazing lifetime career.

MWC 10 years.jpg

Ten-year-old Myron Collier received a model airplane for Christmas.

He put it together and it FLEW!

40 HP Porterfield.jpg

14-year-old Myron and his 16-year-old neighbor scraped up $200 to buy the Porterfield 40 HP Zephyr. 

After taxing it on the field and then on the highway, they sold it for $200.

8A 50 years later.jpg

Myron soloed in this airplane on his 16th birthday and received his Private Pilot license on his 17th birthday. However, this photo was taken 50 years later on the anniversary of his solo flight.

Ace Cub .jpg

The J-3 Cub was owned by a farmer who allowed Myron to fly it anytime he wished. He received his Commercial Pilot rating in it when he was 18.


Myron was hired as Chief Pilot by Empire-Beeves Steel Company in Mansfield, Ohio, (owned by Pittsburgh based Cyclops Corporation), and flew this Piper Apache for two years. It was equipped with de-icing boots as well as alcohol on the propellers. An Aero Commander 550B replaced the Piper Apache.  It was one of the first Aero Commanders to be equipped with airborne radar.


The tail number on the Aero Commander went to the succeeding aircraft purchased. When he retired and the aircraft was sold, that tail number was reserved for Myron Collier!

King Air & me.jpg

Myron flew the King AirB-90 for twelve years until it was replaced with the Citation ll when Myron was transferred to Pittsburgh (1981)

Citation 550.jpg

Myron flew the Citation for twelve years until Cyclops was bought by Armco Steel.  Armco already owned an airplane, so they retired Myron and sold the Citation.


TAF's September 30, 2023, Hangar Party honored Myron Collier with the distinguished local Aviation Legend Award.

In June 2024, Myron celebrated his 94th Birthday!

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