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The Aero Club of Pittsburgh was founded in 1909 to promote aerial demonstrations and was dormant until 1920 or so, when it was restricted to WWI pilots and observers. It was not until a decade later that non-military pilots were accepted.


Clifford Ball (November 29, 1891 - June 2, 1972) graduated from McKeesport High School in 1910 and continued his education by taking evening courses at Duquesne University and business courses at Duffs Iron City College. He was an American farmer, soldier, bookkeeper, clerk, automobile dealer, airplane dealer, airline owner, airline operator, airline executive, radio manufacturer, Civil Air Patrol officer and chaplain, and aviation pioneer. He joined the club when he was 18 years old and eventually became the President of the ACP for 30 years.


In 1996, the Aero Club of Pittsburgh actively hosted monthly meetings with a great speaker series and an amazing, well-attended annual Christmas party. The ACP wanted to establish a 501c3, and The Aviation Foundation emerged.


In 1997, The Aviation Foundation began with aspirations to save the Art Deco Greater Pittsburgh International Airport Terminal from demolition as well as raffle a brand-new Cessna-172. Arnold Palmer even agreed to draw the winning ticket! After many meetings and much planning, the hurdles became insurmountable when Pennsylvania declared the raffle illegal due to the prize valuation. Both worthy projects were totally scrapped. Interest in the Aero Club of Pittsburgh and The Aviation Foundation waned.

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